AFB Ysterplaat

 Located units

22 Squadron
35 Squadron
110 Squadron
80 Air Nav School
2 ASU - Detached
505 Squadron


 AFB Ysterplaat Homepage

AFB Ysterplaat is the current golden leader in excellence in the South African Air Force. Snugly facing Table Mountain and within walking distance from the shore, the people of AFB Ysterplaat state publicly that they are infected with ‘mountain fever’. Symptoms of this phenomenon include frequent smiling which is a byproduct of deep-seated humour, intense loyalty to the South African Air Force, an eagerness to create something out of nothing, a willingness to assist beyond a job description and a tendency to place duty before self.

AFB Ysterplaat is the manifestation of human magnificence where a base has miraculously arisen from the debris of closure and retracted resources. . During the previous rationalization cycle, the South African Air Force decided to close down AFB Ysterplaat, a strategic decision which had to be reversed after resource allocation had already been withdrawn from the base. Many people were transferred and many left the South African Air Force. Facilities deteriorated and systems collapsed, yet remaining staff continued to drive the winding down process.


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