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19 Squadron

 Vision and Mission


Striving for excellence in helicopter operations.


19 Squadron conducts professional military helicopter operations for the SANDF in service of our country



Core Business

Various operational sorties with the SA Army, SAPD, SAMHS and Commando’s are carried out. We are taking part in Burundi deployments. We played a big role in fire fighting in the Limpopo and Mpumalanga area. Trooping exercises with 5 Special Forces Regiment and catching of illegal immigrants entering the border of SA are two of many tasks done by 19 Squadron. The Alouette III helicopter is utilised for command and control and close air support. Some of the tasks done are game counting and capturing, cash in transits and farm attacks.

Officer Commanding

Currently 19 Squadron does not have an officer commanding. The acting Officer Commanding is Captain Johan Fouché.


Due to the new SANDF structure and the Grippen and Hawk projects, 19 Squadron will transfer to AFB Hoedspruit in the near future. The current planning is that 19 Squadron will be fully operational by 1 April 2004.

The Squadron lived up to its motto of Fama ex Factis (Fame through deeds) in the past and we trust that we can build on our reputation as one of the top ten Squadrons in the Air Force. We look forward in becoming a part of AFB Hoedspruit and its community.



19 Squadron started off in 1939 during World War II as No 227 Beaufighter Squadron. In August 1944 the name changed to 19 Squadron. At the end of the war the Squadron was disbanded. In March 1970 19 Squadron was re-opened at Air Force Base Swartkop equipped with Puma helicopters.

It was especially over this period that the Squadron lived up to its motto of Fama ex Factis (Fame through deeds). Various members also received the Honoris Crux for bravery.

In the late eighties the SAAF started to develop the Oryx and in January 1989 a Flight, namely E Flight, was equipped with Oryx helicopters at Air Force Base Swartkop.

In January 1991 this flight was transferred to Air Force Base Louis Trichardt, with Alouette III helicopters added to its inventory. In January 1992 the whole of 19 Squadron was transferred to Air Force Base Louis Trichardt.

Rescue Missions:

  • Helderberg Jumbo disaster near Mauritius.

  • Oceanos sinking near Transkei.

  • Cyclone Demoina at Natal.

  • Mozambique floods.

Pre Election Support:

  • Angola 1993

  • South Africa 1994

  • Mozambique: Amizade 1994.

  • Tanzania: Pampu 1998.

  • Lesotho: Boleas 1998/99



An Oryx helicopter in the mountains    Oryx helicopter  Alouette III


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