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 History and Core Business of 7 ASU

Entrance to 7 ASU

The Air Servicing Unit (ASU) concept was first put in writing on the 1st of July 1999. It was during this conceptual phase that 7 ASU was birthed. The name for the section at that time was, Base Aircraft Servicing Section (BASS). Lt Col Jan Bothma was the Logistic Coordinator. On the 10th of February 2000 Col Dirk Brits was appointed as the Officer Commanding of
7 ASU, and the change to the name 7 ASU and it’s functions started to fall into place. 7 ASU became fully operational and was recognised as a Unit on the 1st of August 2000.

7 ASU sections

7 ASU had a big part in supporting the International Forces that operated from AFB Hoedspruit during the Mozambique floods. The Unit also services the only 2 Mirage III’s flying in the SAAF. One of the Mirage’s, Mirage III BZ 817 was adopted by Matlhari High School.

As our Vision says:

In pursuit of excellence we will embrace the future to be the ASU of distinction.


 Unit Values

7 ASU Mission

To provide Multi professional Aviation related services.


In pursuit of excellence

We will embrace the future to be

The ASU of distinction.


"7 is Heaven"

7 ASU Value System

S afety comes first

E nhance standards

V isualise the future

E mphasize our customers

N ature conscious


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