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2 Air Servicing Unit


2 Air Servicing Unit consists of two legs of which one is at AFB Langebaanweg and the other (2 ASU Detached) at AFS Ysterplaat. 2 ASU’s motto is "Sustinemus" (We support). At 2 ASU we are responsible for all technical support with regards to the Pilatus Astra aircraft and the training technical apprentices. 2 ASU Detached supports
22 Squadron, 35 Squadron and 80 ANS.


 Vision and Mission


2 Air Servicing Unit is an aviation oriented organisation with the primary function to provide Astra and C47-TP maintenance and repair services in order to satisfy our clients’ needs for optimum operational availability


To be the leading Aircraft Maintenance Service Provider in the South African Air Force


 Value System


We maintain and repair aircraft and aircraft components in a disciplined
professional and safe manner

human dignity

We value our members and treat them with respect,
tolerance, fairness and dignity


I will ensure that all my actions contribute to my own integrity and that of the system


We pledge to take ownership and accountability of
our Air Servicing Unit


We strive to ensure a sustainable environment


 Contact Details

Postal Address
2 Air Servicing Unit
AFB Langebaanweg

Telephone Number
(022) 706-2232 / 2187

Fax number
(022) 706-2111



During 2002, the Air Force Board decided that 2 ASU (Ysterplaat) and 8 ASU (Langebaanweg) were to combined into one unit namely 2 ASU, situated at Langebaanweg with the Ysterplaat leg known as 2 ASU Detached. Certain existing maintenance functions at 2 ASU Detached are identified for future privatisation.

change of command
The change of command took place on a parade held at AFB Langebaanweg on 28 November 2002, where Col V. Cloete handed over the command of 2 ASU to Lt Col
D.J. Blom. Col Cloete was the previous OC of 2 ASU and Lt Col Blom the previous OC of 8 ASU.

history of 8 ASU
8 ASU has a relative short history as a unit, due to the fact that it was developed from the previous Base Aircraft Maintenance Section at the base. 8 ASU was established as a self-accounting unit on 01 April 1999 and Lt Col J.M. van den Berg was appointed as the first Officer Commanding of the unit. He served in the post until December 2000. Lt Col D.J. Blom was appointed as Officer Commanding 8 ASU as from 01 March 2001 and served in this post until the unit’s name changed to 2 ASU on 28 November 2002. The main function of 8 ASU is to render maintenance support to the Astra aircraft fleet.

history of 2 Asu
This Unit was established on 1 October 1962. The aim of this Unit was to service, repair and rebuild various types of aircraft. Because this Unit was a Technical Servicing Unit no flying was carried out by the Unit and is in fact contracted, under the auspices of Air Logistics Command, via Southern Air Command to various Squadrons stationed at Air Force Base Ysterplaat.

Since this Units inauguration it has serviced:

    1. Dakota aircraft.
    2. Devon aircraft
    3. Harvard aircraft
    4. Vampire aircraft
    5. Sheckleton aircraft
    6. Albatross aircraft
    7. Various types of helicopters.

Through the course of time some have been transferred to other Bases while others have fallen into disuse.

During the period 1974 to 1976 the Unit removed and refitted the main spars of two Shackleton aircraft centre sections. Although this was the first time a task of this magnitude was performed in the Republic, the test flights were completed without fault.

During 1978 and 1979, 2 Air Depot again made history by completely rewiring five Shackleton aircraft. The task was completed on an average of 3 months per aircraft and approximately 40 kilometres of electrical wire were used on each aircraft.

During 1981 to 1982, 2 Air Depot was given the task to refurbish four Dakota aircraft for the sole use of Air Navigation School. This task called for the installation of modern avionics, navigational, radar and communication equipment. After stripping the aircraft of redundant equipment it was rebuilt to ANS specifications and the proto type rolled out of servicing five months later – a complete success.

2 Air Depot was established on 01 November 1984 as a lodger unit at AFB Ysterplaat. The primary reason for the establishment of the unit was to divorce the intermediate and unit level logistic activities from the operational level activities in the Cape Town Area. This entailed the amalgamation of 2 Air Servicing Unit with the maintenance and manufacturing workshops of AFB Ysterplaat. During that time 2 ASU was known as 2 Air Depot.In 1990, the logistic support activities in the Cape area were further rationalized and culminated with the amalgamation of 11 Air Depot with 2 Air Depot in March 1992. On 13 February 1998, the unit’s colours (ensign) was presented to the unit by Mr J. Modise, the Minister of Defence. During 2002, the Air Force Board decided that 2 ASU (Yspterplaat) and 8 ASU (Langebaanweg) are to be combined as one unit 2 ASU, situated an Langebaanweg with the Ysterplaat part of it known as 2 ASU Detached. Certain existing maintenance functions at 2 ASU Detached are identified for future privatisation, while 8 ASU is to be re-named to 2 ASU.


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