Unit Emblem 140 Squadron


140 Squadron


 To provide deployable and serviceable 3D long-range radar to the SAAF.


 Vision and Mission


We provide a deployable combat ready 3D long-range radar capability to our clients.


Radiating Excellence.


 Value System

R be Respectful.

A be Adaptable.

D be Dignified.

I be Interactive.

A be Accountable.

T be Trustworthy,

E be Efficient.



To supply deployable 3D long-range radar in support of operations.

The employment of radar services in support of air operations.

The managing of logistical support.

The rendering of radar reporting services.

Providing of an air picture for the C&C system.



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             Deploying the radar    The unit when operationally deployed    Optimal radar range means getting to high ground


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