Unit Emblem 18 Deployment Support Unit


18 Deployment Support Unit

 Mission & Vision


Striving towards logistic support excellence to ensure Air Power capabilities


Providing logistic support services in the interest of Air Power capability



The unit’s mandate is to supply logistic support with all the available resources to all deployment elements in the SA Air Force.

During Deployments and operations the first and foremost responsibility is to erect a temporary air base (TAB), and then ensure that all logistic functions are maintained and sustained for the duration of the deployment.

We further assist in crime prevention and border patrol operations in conjunction with the SA Police Services and the Army.


 Role and Functions

The primary role is to provide logistic support for all SA Air Force operations and deployments, within and outside the borders of the RSA. Together with the above the unit also provides a mass freight service for the SA Air Force and other interest groups in the SA National Defence Force.

The unit renders logistic support to the Rooivalk attack helicopter during conventional warfare situations



18 Air Depot was founded on 12 May 1987 with Maj D.J. Barnard as the first Officer Commanding. Originally, the depot was responsible for the repair and supply of aircraft spares to Fields Aviation and certain SA Air Force units until 30 June 1996.

The deployment function was previously the responsibility of SAAF Mobilisation Unit until 1993. With the closure of Tactical Support Command and SA Air Force Mobilisation Unit the need for a unit to provide logistic support during deployments and operations was left wanting. The unit was reactivated in September 1997.

On 30 April 1999 the units’ name changed to the more appropriate 18 Deployment Support Unit, as we know it today.

Lt Col B.A. Domingo is appointed on 01 September 2002 as the current Commanding Officer.


 Value System

Excellence We continuously strive for excellence in supporting air power capabilities.

Total involvement We conduct our daily affair in a integrated and co-operative manner. This is not a one-man show.

Enabling We are empowered to accomplish personal and organisational goals & objectives.

Support Through flexibility and mobility we provide tactical Log Support.

Code of conduct We support the code of conduct wrt uniforms, PSAP’S & AMG members.

Uniqueness We are unique in the execution of our operational obligations.



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