Director Air Capability Plan



Brigadier General J.C.M. Hartley


Brig Gen J.C.M. Hartley was born in Klerksdorp in the North West Province on 28 July 1955. She completed her primary and secondary schooling in Witbank at Taalfees Primary School and H.B.M. Hertzog High School respectively.

She joined the South African Defence Force in 1977 after successfully completing her studies at the University of Pretoria from 1973 - 1976 obtaining a BA (Hons) degree in International Politics and BA (Hons) in Psychology with distinction, qualifying as a Psychometricist.

The member completed all relevant intelligence and counter-intelligence courses whilst serving as an intelligence officer at Defence Intelligence from 1977 - 1999.Brig Gen Hartley held various posts in both the Intelligence and Counter Intelligence Divisions related to psychometric evaluations, security vetting, intelligence appreciations and covert collection operations. The member was deployed externally for a period of time serving in various capacities.

During this period the member was also offered the opportunity to complete foreign training courses related to covert collection, polygraph testing and diplomatic and protocol training which she completed successfully. She served as an instructor in these fields as well being responsible for the presentation of various courses. During 1992 she completed the South African Army's Senior Command and Staff Course, promoted to the rank of Colonel and was then appointed in the Foreign Relations Directorate detached to the Office of Chief of the Defense Force where she served as protocol officer for 7 years.

In 1996 Brig Gen Hartley was completed the Joint Staff and Command course and was transferred to the South African National Defense College in 2000. She held the , position of an instructor in International Politics for 2 years prior being appointed as the Chief Instructor at the same college where she served until the end of 2007.

Brig Gen Hartley was appointed as the Personal Senior Staff Officer of the previous Chief of the South African Air Force with effect from 1 January 2008 until December 2012. She was promoted to the rank of Brig Gen in January 2013 and appointed as Director Air Capability Plan.

Brig Gen Hartley is married to Llewellyn and has two daughters.

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