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 SAAF Museum Shackleton 1721 shining bright

Article and photographs by J.P. van Vuuren

Avro Shackleton MK3 number 1721 at the SA Air Force Museum at Swartkop recently had a “face-lift” when three dedicated men embarked on her revamp that started on 9 October 2006. Over a four week period Sgt Wayne Alexander, Mr Jan van den Broek (Aero Manpower Group) and Mr Mike Burger (Aero Manpower Group) completed the arduous task of preparing and re-painting the complete Shackleton aircraft. Sgt Alexander and Mr Van Den Broek did the initial preparation and paint work and Mr Burger completed the aircraft with signage and decals. Approximately 17 litres of white paint, 15 litres of Dark Sea Grey paint, 30 litres of Pru Blue paint and more than 100 litres of thinners were used to complete the task.

This extraordinary effort by the three dedicated men from 1 Air Servicing Unit (1ASU) is highly commendable. With this in mind the Museum also appreciates the efforts of Brig Gen Karel Ehmke (DTSS) who intervened during this year and who was instrumental in speeding up the process to complete the Shackleton in 2006. Thanks and appreciation also goes to the support given by the Officer Commanding and Personnel of 1 ASU.

The SA Air Force Museum is extremely proud to present a shining bright Shackleton on display and similar touch-up and re-paint projects will be done in the immediate future in order to enhance the overall display of museum aircraft. Congratulations on a job well done!

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