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 CISM Day at AFB Overberg on 22 February 2008

Article by Capt R. Hendricks Sport Officer AFB Overberg

International Military Sports Council has introduced a Conseil International du Sport Militaire (CISM) Day Run event, which commemorates the anniversary of CISM in 1948. Every year, on a day suitable for the host near to the 18th February all soldiers of CISM countries are invited to participate either in a running (athletic) or skiing event.

AFB Overberg-Test Flight and Development Centre (TFDC) hosted there second CISM Day Run on Friday, 22 February 2008. The 60th anniversary of CISM will be celebrated with a 5km run and 2,5km walk on the southern most Air Force Base in Africa. South Africa has been affiliated to CISM, one of the biggest sports institutions in the world since the early 1990’s. CISM is recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the authoritative governing body for world military sport.

In 2007 CISM had 50 participating countries, including South Africa (and Air Force Base Overberg) taking part in the CISM Day Run. CISM aims to see 1.000.000 soldiers running for peace in 2008. The 2nd CISM Day Run at AFB Overberg has contributed to making this figure a reality.

With local and international military detachments present over this period at AFB Overberg, the CISM Day Run is a true global project. Civilian personnel including local police, religious groups and sponsors contributed to the vision of peace through sport at the event.

“Sport for Peace” are projects endorsed by CISM and realised by affiliates, AFB Overberg, South Africa are part of the global project. All participants in the CISM Day Run are actively part of the desire for peace in our global society.


Results: 5km Run


1st F. Ngwane-AFB Overberg(Fire Section)
2nd Lt M.P. Peters- AFB Hoedspruit(LASS)
3rd Nancy Cloete- AFB Overberg(Sick Bay)


1st Enrico Newman
2nd Sgt J.R.T. Dikobe-AFMDW(140 SQN)
3rd Amn R.I. Maphwanya-AFB Overberg(525 SQN)

Results: 2.5km Walk


1st Capt H.M. Januarie-AFB Overberg(525 SQN)
2nd Pte Ramantswana-AFB Overberg(Medics)
3rd Ms N. Mfenyana-AFB Overberg


1st Amn J.P. Motswne-AFB Overberg
2nd Sgt B.S. Masilela-AFB Hoedspruit(LASS)
3rd Amn M.R. Nkosi-AFB Overberg

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