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 Fire and Rescue Services Citation

Information supplied by WO1 David Bessinger

The Air Force Base Langebaanweg Fire and Rescue Services was once again awarded the Gold Certificate for the best Airport Rescue and Fire Fighter service in the South African Air Force (SAAF) on 1 February 2008 at Swartkop Airfield during the Air Force Day Parade.

The successes started with Policies and Contingency plans, of which all personnel had taken the responsibility to maintain standards in the working place.

The section had since the insertion of the SAAF Prestige Awards, achieved in the top three of the Fire and Rescue services awards, attaining the first place on five occasions. The remarkable achievements were due to the dedication of all AFB Langebaanweg fire fighters who had great sense of pride and commitment towards the section and the SAAF.

According to WO1 David Franklin Bessinger Fire Chief, the section had put up an enormous effort in implementing, recording and documenting data and information through all the processes that they had put in place, which enabled them to reach their goals and objectives. This included People Management, Training and a consolidated Business Plan.

They were constantly trying to improve their skills and effectiveness of their leadership by having all people involved. Working with local authorities and the cooperation amongst the local community made the fire fighters feel part of the solution and were motivated as needs were being addressed he said





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