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 Configuration Management Course

Congratulations to the following CMII* graduates.  Each successfully passed the arduous, and exhausting, twelve day course with honors.  CMII provides the members with sound management tools, by which to change their respective business areas from that of non-conformance to a mode of continuous improvement.  Research** indicates that many of us spend between 40% to 60% of our time in corrective action, ie, doing that for which we are not being paid!  WOW Ė we canít wait for them to implement their newly acquired skills.

Well done to all.

Lt to Rt:

Mr Chris Tollner (Denel), Maj J.A. Oberholzer (D Combat), Lt Col J.J v/d Watt (D Combat), Lt Col P.H. Draper (D Heli), Lt Col E. J. Williams (D Combat)

 *        Pronounced Configuration Management Two

**     Institute of Configuration Management, USA

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