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 Air Force Base Langebaanweg Memorial Service

By Candidate Officer M. Lynn

A memorial service in honour of South African Air Force soldiers who lost their lives in active service, was held on 9 May 2008 at Air Force Base (AFB) Langebaanweg. This day marks the remembrance of all those who laid down their lives fighting with courage and dedication over the past decades to advance the historic mission of the Republic of South Africa and to defend the state and its territory.

In the First World War 8 551 South Africans were killed in action and in the Second World War 6 187 South Africans lost their lives as a direct result of active service. At the conclusion of these wars the South African Air Force (SAAF) had lost more than 2000 of its members in the battlefield.

In his sermon on “Hope in times of despair,” Chaplain Z.O. Madlala encouraged all uniformed members to continue to be loyal members of the South African National Defence Force by upholding and embracing their norms and values. He also emphasized the importance of placing their energies and skills at the disposal of the organization effectively and optimally towards making the SAAF an even more effective instrument of Air Power Excellence.

In conclusion of the formalities representatives of military units and sections, in and around AFB Langebaanweg, paid their respects in a wreath-laying ceremony. It was most appropriate that the newly painted Harvard gate guard was used as background to the memorial service.

To all those who lost their lives in service of the South African Air Force, your country salutes you.




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