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 AFB Waterkloof runway developments underway

By Amn Tebogo E. Kekana, AD ASTRA Magazine

The AFB Waterkloof runway is being reconstructed because the old one was not able to carry modern day aircraft. It was starting to peel off so the Department of Public Works did a revamp project analysis. The project kicked off on 16 July 2008 when the site was officially handed over to the Runway Contractors Joint Venture. Dust, heaps of sand and big building equipment is used for this huge project that will see its final stage at the end of 2011 a success.

According to Brig Gen Sam Madumane (Officer Commanding, AFB Waterkloof) “The project is divided into 4 main phases. Currently the contractors are busy with Phase 1 (the main runway), which will see its completion by July 2009. Phase 2 (the taxiways and the A400m hangers) will commence from July and also include Phase 3. Additionally Phase 4 has subsections, 1 and 2, which will be focusing on electrical contract work on runway 0119 and electrical contract work on taxiways, hardstand and runway 0624.

AFB Waterkloof had to move most of its Squadrons over to Swartkop Airfield because of in-adequate space and 21 Squadron (VIP) had to be moved to Denel at the eastern side of Oliver Thambo International Airport. This base however seems to have big plans in their sleeves. Not only do they envisage planting trees at the dumpsite that was created by the then contractors, they also are adamant that they will be ready to host AAD 2012.

Lt Gen Gagiano mentioned to AD ASTRA how impressed he is with the developments as he personally went and checked them out. “This is a huge project and I am proud of the amount of work going into it in order to make it a success”.

The target date for entire project must be met, as the contractors will be subjected to a penalty if they don’t meet the deadline. Col S.F. Sillifant, (Project Manager) was optimistic during an interview with AD ASTRA that so far everything is running according to schedule.


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