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By Amn Nwabisa V Dlevu, AD ASTRA Magazine

The Air Arm Commander of the Botswana Defence Force, Maj Gen Jefferson Tlhakwane invited the Chief of the South African Air Force, Lt Gen Carlo Gagiano for a goodwill visit to Botswana over the period 19 to 21 February 2009.

The aim of the visit was to strengthen relations and benchmark issues relating to force preparation concepts and peace support operations i.e training of air and ground crew. Some of the main discussions included the common benchmarking of systems, ways of insuring cost effectiveness and affordable maintenance philosophy.

The Air Arm Commander of the Botswana Defence Force Maj Gen Jefferson Tlhokwane, CAF Carlo Gagiano and Col Nono Make in discussions.

According to the Senior Staff Officer Maintenance Capabilities, Directorate Technical Staff Services at SAAF Headquarters, Col Make the aim of the visit was achieved, as all the objectives that were discussed had resolutions. Col Make said that the SAAF had a good existing relationship with Botswana. As a result CAF could proudly mention the names of the air and ground crew that were trained by the SAAF.

“The visit improved existing relations and confirmed to be very informative in enhancing thinking in operations, doctrines and organizational structures”, said Col Make.

During CAF’s address on building air cooperation and partnerships for Africa, the chief said that he wanted to draw attention on two “Indivisibilities” which are security and air power. Furthermore, he said that he firmly believes that if there were to harness all their continental aviation resources and impart a quality of indivisibility to the collective entity as a start to utilize the available air power assets.



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