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Air Force Base Waterkloof Diva Marathon
 Article by Sgt D.T Nyalungu:  AFB Waterkloof Corporate Communications

August month is known as the women’s month that’s why we recognise the women who participated in a national march against the pass laws. Air Force Base Waterkloof celebrated the diva marathon fun walk/run for woman on the 15 August in honour of women of South Africa.

Colonel H.M Brink was representing the Officer Commanding of Air Force Base Waterkloof, he welcomed everyone who attended the event, and the corporate communication section was selling tickets for the people who wanted to participate on the diva marathon walk/run. People were also donating money before the commencement of the Diva marathon.

The Former President and Father of our nation, the late Mr Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, once said, “Freedom cannot be achieved unless women have been emancipated from all forms of oppression to this end, we have acknowledged that the objectives of our reconstruction and development will not be realised we see in visible and practical terms that the condition of women in our country has radically changed for the ,and that women at every level have been empowered to intervene in all aspects of life as equals with any other member of society”.

Volkswagen, Renault and Nissan were the sponsors of the diva marathon walk/run, Nissan is the sponsor for the Africa Aerospace and defence 2014 for courtesy vehicles. The South African military health Service and Department of health were doing health awareness and wellness by testing for HIV/AIDS, Dental screening and hypertension. Physical and mental fitness are an integral part in every soldier’s life and career.

Members of Air Force base Waterkloof came in large numbers to celebrate woman’s month. The objective of the diva marathon was to encourage fitness in the SANDF, and to celebrate and honour military women.

The events highlight  was the traditional dancers. Winners of the diva marathon will be announced at the next Officer Commanding’s Communication period.

Air Force Waterkloof takes a stance to support, respect and acknowledge women counterparts as fellow colleagues, partners and professionals. 


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