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SAAF Commemorates Sport and Heritage Day
 Article by Lt Col W. Dillman , photos 5 ASU Photo Section

Approximately 2000 members of the South African Air Force (SAAF) attended the SAAF’s sport and heritage day commemoration on 03 October 2014, at Swartkop West, Pretoria. Twenty sporting codes were represented including Soccer, Rugby, and Softball to mention a few.

The emphasis on the sport day was mass participation and SAAF bases and units in the Pretoria region were encouraged to participate. Air Force Base Waterkloof, Swartkop, SAAF College, SAAF Headquarters, 68 Air School and 10 Air Depot participated in all the sporting events.
As the day came to a conclusion AFB WKLF won by 221 points, SAAF HQ came second with 146 points and Swartkop took third place with 58 points.



DSC_5444 DSC_5446 DSC_5447 DSC_5450 DSC_5451 DSC_5452 DSC_5453 DSC_5454 DSC_5458 DSC_5459 DSC_5467 DSC_5469 DSC_5470 DSC_5474 DSC_5475 DSC_5477 DSC_5479 DSC_5481 DSC_5482 DSC_5483 DSC_5489 DSC_5491 DSC_5492 DSC_5496 DSC_5499 DSC_5501 DSC_5506 DSC_5510 DSC_5512 DSC_5517 DSC_5520 DSC_5521 DSC_5523 DSC_5526 DSC_5532 DSC_5533 DSC_5534 DSC_5536 DSC_5539 DSC_5540 DSC_5541 DSC_5543 DSC_5545 DSC_5547 DSC_5549 DSC_5550 DSC_5551 DSC_5553 DSC_5555 DSC_5556 DSC_5557 DSC_5559 DSC_5560 DSC_5562 DSC_5564 DSC_5565 DSC_5566 DSC_5567 DSC_5568 DSC_5569 DSC_5570 DSC_5571 DSC_5573 DSC_5574 DSC_5576 DSC_5577 DSC_5578 DSC_5579 DSC_5582 DSC_5583 DSC_5584 DSC_5585 DSC_5586 DSC_5587 DSC_5590 DSC_5593 DSC_5594 DSC_5595 DSC_5596 DSC_5598 DSC_5599 DSC_5600 DSC_5602 DSC_5603 DSC_5604 DSC_5607 DSC_5608 DSC_5610 DSC_5611 DSC_5614 DSC_5615 DSC_5616 DSC_5617 DSC_5619 DSC_5620 DSC_5621 DSC_5622 DSC_5623 DSC_5625 DSC_5626 DSC_5627 DSC_5628 DSC_5629 DSC_5630 DSC_5631 DSC_5632 DSC_5634 DSC_5635 DSC_5636 DSC_5637 DSC_5638 DSC_5639 DSC_5642 DSC_5643 DSC_5644 DSC_5646 DSC_5647 DSC_5648 DSC_5649 DSC_5650 DSC_5651 DSC_5652 DSC_5654 DSC_5655 DSC_5656 DSC_5657 DSC_5658 DSC_5659 DSC_5660 DSC_5661 DSC_5662 DSC_5663 DSC_5664 DSC_5666 DSC_5668 DSC_5669 DSC_5670 DSC_5671 DSC_5672 DSC_5673 DSC_5674 DSC_7244 DSC_7266 DSC_7267 DSC_7268 DSC_7269 DSC_7270 DSC_7271 DSC_7272 DSC_7273 DSC_7274 DSC_7275 DSC_7276 DSC_7277 DSC_7278 DSC_7279 DSC_7280 DSC_7281 DSC_7282 DSC_7283 DSC_7284 DSC_7285 DSC_7286 DSC_7287 DSC_7288 DSC_7289 DSC_7290 DSC_7291 DSC_7293 DSC_7294 DSC_7295 DSC_7296 DSC_7297 DSC_7298 DSC_7299 DSC_7300 DSC_7301 DSC_7302 DSC_7303 DSC_7304 DSC_7305 DSC_7306 DSC_7307 DSC_7308 DSC_7309 DSC_7310 DSC_7311 DSC_7312 DSC_7313 DSC_7314 DSC_7315 DSC_7316 DSC_7317 DSC_7318 DSC_7319 DSC_7320 DSC_7321 DSC_7322 DSC_7323 DSC_7324 DSC_7325 DSC_7326 DSC_7327 DSC_7328 DSC_7329 DSC_7330 DSC_7331 DSC_7332 DSC_7334 DSC_7335 DSC_7336 DSC_7337




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