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Article by Amn Morongwa Kgomosotho, photo by WO2 David Nomtshongwana

Women are subjected to a variety of barriers that determine their organisational experiences, and therefore the achievement of gender parity requires the removal of patriarchal practices, stereotypes and attitudes that spread their demotion. A 29 year old, Cpl Keamogetse Motaung from the Directorate Supply and Support (DSS) proved that women are capable just like their male counter parts.

Cpl Keamogetse Motaung

How she came to join the SAAF? Her late uncle, a soldier, ignited her love for the military and eventually joined the Protection arm of the SAAF in 2008. “I have always wanted to serve my country and make a meaningful contribution” and while serving as a Protection Personnel, “I have realized that dream but also developed as a person”, she said with a smile. In 2016, she re-mustered to DSS where she is charged with all administrative needs of the Directorate.

Cpl Motaung plays for the South African Air Force Headquarters (SAAF HQ) female soccer team and has won the award for best female goal scorer during the SAAF Soccer Championship recently held at Air Force Base (AFB) Hoedspruit. Reflection on her achievement, she said soccer women should be proud of themselves and remember that negative thought can limit them to achieve great things in sport. “When my name was called for the best goal scorer I was excited because it was the first time I won such an accolade. During the championship I worked hard and wanted to lead by example to my team, on the sport days I teach them how to play especially the new members who are interested in soccer” she said.

She explained how active she was as a young person, “I started playing soccer when I was at primary school. I participated in various sport activities. At school, I would always be among the top 10 players”.

She comes from Bloemada, Kimberly. She is blessed with a 4-year-old daughter, Refentse Motaung and three siblings. She said “one thing I like about my daughter is that, she knows that I’m her mother even though I left her at home”. She is full of praises for her mother, Elizabeth Motaung, “I was raised by a single parent. My mother was a domestic worker and through her strives; I never went to bed on an empty stomach”.

She expressed how she feels about working far from her loved ones. “When I see people with their families, I remember my happy family. I grew up in a disciplined family. My sister, Kehilue Seliti who is now married played a role in my life. Being with her, I didn’t experience any bad things, for example being abused physically or emotionally at a young age. I was raised in the supportive family”.

For me, she said, “all women are heroines like the women who marched to Union Buildings to voice their problem against the pass law no matter how difficult it was, risking with their lives. Every woman deserves to be respected even if she did not study further to qualify as a professional, for we do not know what made her to end up where she is today”.

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