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Candidate Officers Passing Out Parade  
Article by Lebogang Mametja; Ad Astra Journalist and Photos by Cpl Mabelina Mokoatle

On the 14th of December 2017 a magnitude of people, including SAAF members and civilians, gathered at the SAAF College to celebrate a milestone achievement for 71 Candidate Officers (CO) at the Passing out Parade.

The SAAF band started the ceremony off at a high note by playing ‘celebration’ by Kool and The Gang, a song that was very appropriate for the joyous moment.

The CO Passing out is a graduation ceremony for the Candidate Officers that have successfully completed their training. Among those graduating there were a few that are a cut above the rest.

Six of the Candidate Officers were specially recognised for their hard work during the training and won the following awards; Chief of the Air Force Fitness Floating Trophy (Female and Male), Academic Floating Trophy, Old Mutual Officership Floating Trophy, Leadership Floating Trophy and Air Squadron Sword of Honour.

The winner of the prestigious Air Squadron Sword of Honour, CO L.A. Meyers was quoted as “feeling very overwhelmed by this honour” and felt proud of this accomplishment. When asked by Ad Astra what it takes to be able to win an award of this calibre he said, “It takes 100% commitment. The key aspect is discipline and remembering what it is to be a soldier.” Discipline is one of the core values of the SAAF therefore it is a pride-inducing sight to behold when a member embodies discipline and attributes it to his success.

Best Overall Learner CO L.A. Meyers and Chief of the Air Force (CAF) Lt Gen F.Z. Msimang

Warrant Officer Class 2 D.M. Daniels, an instructor at SAAF College, shares the same sentiments of pride in the passing out COs group and was particularly fond of, “their attitude because it is the driving force of how they do things. I also enjoyed the positive energy that they brought forth and the discipline they portrayed” he said.

Moving forward from the Passing out Parade the COs have the responsibility to uphold the values of the SAAF and the standard that has been set during the months of training. “COs training is tough, demanding but rewarding” said Warrant Officer Class 2 D.M. Daniels. Therefore the COs are expected to endure trough the challenging times with the assurance that the reward is much greater than the trail.

CAF Lt Gen F.Z. Msimang and The Winners


Chief of the Air Force Fitness Trophy

CO M.T. Ganda - best male fittest soldier

CO M.C. Sekhu - best female fittest soldier

Best Academic Learner

CO D.T. Chitima

Old Mutual Officership Floating Trophy

CO N. Forbes

Leadership Floating Trophy

CO L.A. Meyers

Air Squadron Sword of Honour- Best Overall Learner

CO L.A. Meyers

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